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Our Core areas

Waste management


 The project development objectives of the Waste Management and Carbon Offset Project is to reduce the greenhouse emission caused by methane released during land-filling of solid waste in India. 

Clean energy


 There's a better, cleaner way to meet our energy needs.Renewable energy resources like wind and solar power generate electricity with little or no pollution and global warming emissions 

Low carbon materials


 A series of porous carbon materials obtained from biomass waste have been synthesized, with different morphologies and structural properties, and evaluated as potential adsorbents for CO2 

Carbon measurement


  It shows how carbon emissions compare and compete with other human demands on our planet, such as food, fibers, timber, and land for  


Low cost Solar water heaters for villages


Fuel wood is causing deforestation and indoor pollution when used in cooking. Climate change impact from burning fuel wood is significant. We are working on low cost sustainable solution for this problem 

Waste management in difficult terrains


Unlike cities, there are many geographies is being under enormous pressure to handle waste disposal such as hilly regions, coastal regions, cold &hot places. We are working on those areas where normal solution wont work. 

Mycelium based Eco packaging


Sustainable materials is our core focus area. Mycelium is making big stride in eco materials by its green life cycle from generation to disposal. We are developing a packaging solution using biodegradable mycelium  based agri waste. 

Sustainable habitat


Construction is a significant contributor to climate change. India as a developing country has great potential for using green building practices. We use mud based bricks, salvaged wood and many more eco friendly material in construction for low carbon foot print housing.  



"You are what you measure". We believe on measuring as a tool to enhance action. We are focusing measuring carbon footprint from institutions, industries, forests, agriculture fields. The measurement gives us immense knowledge on number of possibilities for action  

Carbon sequestration


Farming and forests  is lifeline of human  civilization. Soil is a reservoir of carbon. Modern agriculture methods has destroying the web of life. We are working on regenerative farming to offset global warming 

TEDX Talk on climate change and sustainability

Tedx Speech by the Livegreen founder Pramod Siddagangaiah

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Your story


 LiveGreen isn’t just a product selling platform but a one-stop solution for all sustainability related products and services,” 


Better India


   The idea came to me in 2015 during a summer day. While it is easy for one to access cold, bottled water from stores, h


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 New device can help composting at home
Giving a boost to garbage management, a

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